10 Best Ways to Feed Your Baby

For a parent, there is nothing more gratifying than to see their child eat a variety of healthy foods. Most parents are proud or despair about their child’s eating habits. Parents do everything in their power to make the food more likable to their kids starting very young as a baby because eating healthy is something the kids learn early on. It doesn’t mean all kids love eating delicious healthy foods. Some kids turn out to be good eaters from early on, which is a blessing for the parent while some parents have a hard time getting their kids to eat healthy foods like Broccoli and Salmon. Kids food preferences based on taste starts early as a baby says Alan Greene, M.D., author of Feeding Baby Green.

Parents have ability to teach their kids to recognize and enjoy healthy foods so that they will not grow up to be picky eaters. Here are 10 tips that will help your child enjoy healthy foods as early as a baby.

1. Don’t give up on trying new foods: Most moms give up trying to reintroduce the new food that baby does seem to like after a few tries. Research showed that parents who kept trying to feed the same food over and over for more 10 tries even when the baby seems to not like it have shown positive results where baby ended up liking it eventually by developing a taste for the food that the baby hated initially. You can make any food that your kid doesn’t like to eat and change the way you serve them. You can mix up with the likable foods or disguise them into a muffin or any other puree your child likes.

2.Choose the best time to feed your baby first bites: The best time to feed your baby solids is first thing soon after a restful nap or in the morning after the baby is up after a good night’s sleep and eager to start the day. Feed the baby when he is really hungry by starting with foods like banana, Avacados, some veggies or meat. Initially your baby might only take only a few bites but eventually eat more as the baby gets used to the taste of the food.

3. Add spice to the foods: There is no rule saying that you need to feed your child only bland foods. After initial bland food diet it is alright to introduce foods with a pinch of spices and herbs like sage, cinnamon, mint and ginger. Your child might even enjoy the taste and heat of the spices in the food.

4.Introduce more variety of foods: As the baby is getting used to the taste, it is important to introduce a variety of new foods and also mix the new foods with the familiar foods. For example, if your baby loves banana, add another fruit to it and feed the baby another new fruit along with the familiar one. Keep adding new foods everyday so that the baby will get familiarized with the new taste also.

5. Make your baby spend time in the kitchen when you are cooking: Baby and kids develop familiarity with the foods smells and eventually tastes when they spend time in the kitchen. As kids grow, they help in kitchen with mixing flour, washing lettuce, and mixing sauces.

6. Eating together: It is important to teach kids early on the importance of sitting together for a meal. When the child sits and eats with the rest of the family, they start to enjoy eating foods like the rest of the family.

7.Make meals fun: To make your child eat nutritious, healthy foods make the meal look appealing to your child eye by making them look delicious. You can serve foods in bowls that are colorful and also easy for your child to pick and eat it.

8. Make your child connect to the food: Kids recognize the foods early on by teaching the baby the name of the food while eating it or handing it over to her and help her connect with the food by naming the food.

9. Stay relaxed: Relax even when your child doesn’t care to eat healthy foods as some kids do. Always put right foods and relax so that your child might want to try healthy foods at some point.

10. Be a role model: Encourage your child to make choices that are healthy in eating by eating healthy yourself. Parents are role models for their kids. Encourage your child to eat healthy by giving her more options of foods that are healthy so that if she doesn’t like to eat one she always can pick another healthy choice of foods.

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Things to Do When Your Kids Say “I’m Bored!”

Boredom and children do not go well together. A bored kid is going to cause trouble, by fighting with siblings or making a mess or just constantly telling you how bored they are! Unless you love chaos, it’s a good idea to have a list of boredom-busting activities ready to go. This list of boredom crushers will keep kids busy and happy.

BoredLet Kids Plan a Party

It doesn’t matter if it is a regular holiday like a birthday. Parties are always awesome and kids love them. Suggest the idea of having a party and see what ideas the kids come up with. Maybe a surprise party for when dad gets home from work or a party for the dog or something silly like a party to celebrate the best Tuesday of the year or declare it to be opposite day or upside-down day or inside-out day! Let them make decorations and plan a simple menu.


Kids LOVE cutting paper and using glue. Let them make a book, maybe a book of facts and favorites about each member in the family. Let the kids go wild and cut things out from old magazines, then add pictures and mementos. Have them write and draw. They’ll have fun and be proud of what they create.

Music Time

Maybe even more than cutting and gluing stuff, kids love to make noise. Let them! Start a family band or a neighborhood kid band. Real instruments are cool if they can play, but you can also make instruments up! The classic pots and pans for drums, various shakers, rubber band guitars, blowing into glass jugs, dinging glass jars, and of course plenty of vocals. It will be loud, but at least it will be controlled cacophony.

Explore Nature

The ideas here are endless. Have them collect flowers or leaves or sticks or rocks. If they get really into it, you can have them continue and start a collection of rocks or pressed flowers. Have them try to catch butterflies. Let them be bug explorers and follow bugs around. Set up a nature scavenger hunt where they have to find things in the yard. Lay in the grass with them and look at clouds, talking about the shapes you see. This can be made into a learning experience by looking up info about the things they see in nature, or you can just let them explore.

The Baby Care Play Mat in Review

bpEvery parent wants the best for their new infant. They want toys that are absolutely safe for them to play with and toys that give them a reason to explore the world around them. One great option for your little bundle is a play mat that will protect them from hard floors as they start exploring. This play mat though does not stop there. It has bright colors for infants as well as letters and first words for toddlers. It is a safe toy that will keep them entertained for several years. Ideal for infants learning to roll and explore right on through all their unique learning stages.

Soft and Fun

Little ones can enjoy tumbling and rolling around on a soft play mat for them. It provides a cushion even on hardwood floors so that you have one less thing to worry about when your baby starts moving around.

Large Play Area

This play mat is large enough to give your little one room to move around. It measures 83x55x0.5 inches. This makes it ideal for tummy time, even if your baby has started rolling over.

Easily Cleaned and Safe

This play mat is hygenic and safe for your little one. It is waterproof so that it is easy for you to clean up. Spit ups and even food or drink as your little one grows into toddlerhood will never be too much of a mess of it.

Quiet Fun

In a home that echoes a lot, this play mat can reduce noise while your little one squeals to her heart’s content playing with the mat and other fun toys that she has discovered. This could be great if you are trying to visit with grandma and grandpa.

Ideal for Early Learning

With the alphabet on one side of the mat and first words such as bear, lion, and elephant on the other; it is a great way to encourage your toddler to want to learn. Word recognition can help with early reading.


The pros are simple. This mat is a favorite play mat for many little ones because it:

  • *is brightly colored
  • *soft enough to sleep on
  • *fun enough to play with for many years
  • *and indestructible no matter what they do to it.


The biggest con about this play mat is that there is an odor when you first open the package. This may cause some concern for parents, the smell will go away after letting it air out a little. However, you can also wash it with a gentle cleanser to speed up the process.

Customer Reviews and Scores

341 people on Amazon have given this playmat a 5 star rating. Most reviewers agree that it is brightly colored, fun to use for little ones, and a perfectly safe place for hard floors and little bottoms. It is highly rated and most parents say that it is a favorite toy for their young kids.


Overall, if you want to provide your little one with a great place to play the Baby Care Play Mat will give you that and so much more. It is a great investment into your infants early learning and fun. They will be able to play for hours and even years with one play mat that will never grow boring to them.

Tips to choosing a baby play mat