10 Best Ways to Feed Your Baby

For a parent, there is nothing more gratifying than to see their child eat a variety of healthy foods. Most parents are proud or despair about their child’s eating habits. Parents do everything in their power to make the food more likable to their kids starting very young as a baby because eating healthy is something the kids learn early on. It doesn’t mean all kids love eating delicious healthy foods. Some kids turn out to be good eaters from early on, which is a blessing for the parent while some parents have a hard time getting their kids to eat healthy foods like Broccoli and Salmon. Kids food preferences based on taste starts early as a baby says Alan Greene, M.D., author of Feeding Baby Green.

Parents have ability to teach their kids to recognize and enjoy healthy foods so that they will not grow up to be picky eaters. Here are 10 tips that will help your child enjoy healthy foods as early as a baby.

1. Don’t give up on trying new foods: Most moms give up trying to reintroduce the new food that baby does seem to like after a few tries. Research showed that parents who kept trying to feed the same food over and over for more 10 tries even when the baby seems to not like it have shown positive results where baby ended up liking it eventually by developing a taste for the food that the baby hated initially. You can make any food that your kid doesn’t like to eat and change the way you serve them. You can mix up with the likable foods or disguise them into a muffin or any other puree your child likes.

2.Choose the best time to feed your baby first bites: The best time to feed your baby solids is first thing soon after a restful nap or in the morning after the baby is up after a good night’s sleep and eager to start the day. Feed the baby when he is really hungry by starting with foods like banana, Avacados, some veggies or meat. Initially your baby might only take only a few bites but eventually eat more as the baby gets used to the taste of the food.

3. Add spice to the foods: There is no rule saying that you need to feed your child only bland foods. After initial bland food diet it is alright to introduce foods with a pinch of spices and herbs like sage, cinnamon, mint and ginger. Your child might even enjoy the taste and heat of the spices in the food.

4.Introduce more variety of foods: As the baby is getting used to the taste, it is important to introduce a variety of new foods and also mix the new foods with the familiar foods. For example, if your baby loves banana, add another fruit to it and feed the baby another new fruit along with the familiar one. Keep adding new foods everyday so that the baby will get familiarized with the new taste also.

5. Make your baby spend time in the kitchen when you are cooking: Baby and kids develop familiarity with the foods smells and eventually tastes when they spend time in the kitchen. As kids grow, they help in kitchen with mixing flour, washing lettuce, and mixing sauces.

6. Eating together: It is important to teach kids early on the importance of sitting together for a meal. When the child sits and eats with the rest of the family, they start to enjoy eating foods like the rest of the family.

7.Make meals fun: To make your child eat nutritious, healthy foods make the meal look appealing to your child eye by making them look delicious. You can serve foods in bowls that are colorful and also easy for your child to pick and eat it.

8. Make your child connect to the food: Kids recognize the foods early on by teaching the baby the name of the food while eating it or handing it over to her and help her connect with the food by naming the food.

9. Stay relaxed: Relax even when your child doesn’t care to eat healthy foods as some kids do. Always put right foods and relax so that your child might want to try healthy foods at some point.

10. Be a role model: Encourage your child to make choices that are healthy in eating by eating healthy yourself. Parents are role models for their kids. Encourage your child to eat healthy by giving her more options of foods that are healthy so that if she doesn’t like to eat one she always can pick another healthy choice of foods.

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Freezer Storage Tray Reviews – Best Containers for Homemade Baby Food

Nuk Homemade Baby Food Flexible Freezer Tray and Lid Set


This flexible freezer tray will allow you to quickly and easily freeze and store your perfectly portioned homemade food, which is extremely essential for your baby’s development. You can use this tray to store 9 (1-ounce) portions of baby food, while being dishwater-safe, freezer-safe as well as BPA free.

Baby Food Storage Container with Secure Lid


These baby food storage containers come with 2oz squeezable pods that are sufficiently flexible to allow you to easily pop out your baby food without breaking them. Their use is not limited to baby food storage container; you can also use them to store smoothies, frozen yoghurt and ice pops among others.

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Things to Do When Your Kids Say “I’m Bored!”

Boredom and children do not go well together. A bored kid is going to cause trouble, by fighting with siblings or making a mess or just constantly telling you how bored they are! Unless you love chaos, it’s a good idea to have a list of boredom-busting activities ready to go. This list of boredom crushers will keep kids busy and happy.

BoredLet Kids Plan a Party

It doesn’t matter if it is a regular holiday like a birthday. Parties are always awesome and kids love them. Suggest the idea of having a party and see what ideas the kids come up with. Maybe a surprise party for when dad gets home from work or a party for the dog or something silly like a party to celebrate the best Tuesday of the year or declare it to be opposite day or upside-down day or inside-out day! Let them make decorations and plan a simple menu.


Kids LOVE cutting paper and using glue. Let them make a book, maybe a book of facts and favorites about each member in the family. Let the kids go wild and cut things out from old magazines, then add pictures and mementos. Have them write and draw. They’ll have fun and be proud of what they create.

Music Time

Maybe even more than cutting and gluing stuff, kids love to make noise. Let them! Start a family band or a neighborhood kid band. Real instruments are cool if they can play, but you can also make instruments up! The classic pots and pans for drums, various shakers, rubber band guitars, blowing into glass jugs, dinging glass jars, and of course plenty of vocals. It will be loud, but at least it will be controlled cacophony.

Explore Nature

The ideas here are endless. Have them collect flowers or leaves or sticks or rocks. If they get really into it, you can have them continue and start a collection of rocks or pressed flowers. Have them try to catch butterflies. Let them be bug explorers and follow bugs around. Set up a nature scavenger hunt where they have to find things in the yard. Lay in the grass with them and look at clouds, talking about the shapes you see. This can be made into a learning experience by looking up info about the things they see in nature, or you can just let them explore.

Buying a New Baby Playmat: A Few Things to Consider

Baby PlaymatAs a baby gets bigger and learns to play with his or her toys most parents won’t want their child to play on a hard-surfaced floor or on an elevated surface like their own bed for safety reasons. As the baby learns to roll over and scoot around they not only play with their toys more and become more interactive with their environment, they are also developing their muscles, and laying on their belly on the play mat gives them a softer safer place to lay on their belly, build up their abdominal and neck muscles, and learn to use their fingers and hands as they play with their toys.

Most play mats will come with toys included, often attached to the mat itself. If you are a tolerant parent that doesn’t mind a lot of noise a mat with a variety of toys including toys that make noise can help keep the baby entertained, but a parent that prefers a more quiet environment and has a lower tolerance for high noise levels may want to select a mat that has toys that are quieter, or a mat with less toys so that the noise level is limited.

Some parents don’t mind a lot of noise, especially parents that have already raised one or two children, but new parents often experience stress when the noise level is elevated and constant, which also effects the environment for the baby, who can be sensitive to the parent’s mood and react with nervousness or crying. Most play mats that include toys for the baby to play with do make noise, so testing the toys can help you prepare.

Another important feature to take into consideration when choosing a play mat for your baby is the pillow. Some play mats may have pillows included or attached, and others may require that a pillow be purchases separately. A pillow can be used as the baby gets bigger to help elevate the chest more, when the babies neck is strong enough to hold his or her head up for extended periods of time. For babies that can’t quite hold their head up long enough for playtime and babies that like to move around a lot this could be a choke hazard, so its important to stay nearby and keep an eye on the child so that the breathing is not interrupted when he or she rests the neck or begins to scoot around the play mat.

From tummy time to play time, a baby play mat or baby gym provides a padded, comfortable surface to entertain and engage little ones.

Best Practice Tips for Baby Wearing

baby carrierThere are some caregiving practices that are considered to be old fashioned and outdated. They are thought to be too time consuming for the modern age. Like practices such as breastfeeding or using cloth diapers. Who has time for that when there are modern conveniences which eliminates the need for such old fashioned ideas. Well, babywearing might also fit into that category.

Babywearing is the practice of using a carrier to attach the baby to the caregiver’s body. The four main types of carriers that are used by parents and caregivers are the sling, wrap, soft structured carrier, and the hard structured carrier. Though they each have their own individual benefits. Carriers, in general, benefit both caregiver and baby alike.

Traditionally carriers were used to transport the baby if the mother had to travel or go to work. In those days she did not have the modern conveniences like water, a refrigerator or even a stove inside of her house. She had to travel outside of her dwelling place if she wanted to eat or provide for her family. So many women took to babywearing to accomplish their daily tasks with peace of mind. In this modern era, parents have in-home conveniences but they still have tasks to do around the house. When using a carrier the parent still has free hands to do many daily tasks.

Premature and newborn infant’s bodies lack the ability to insulate them from the temperature outside of the womb. It is scientifically proven that these babies fair better when they have body to body contact with their caregiver. The warmth and body rhythms of the caregiver soothes the baby and stimulates the development process. The most popular carriers used to promote such bonding are the sling, wrap, and the soft structured carrier. Many women who breastfeed their baby prefer the sling because it allows for privacy during breastfeeding without much maneuvering.

The wrap is the favorite carrier of many women who have feed and changed their babies and have errands to run. It looks intimidating because there are yards of fabric to wrangle with, but once the technique is learned it literally takes less than five minutes to wrap and load the baby safely and securely. The wrap accommodates children from infants to toddlers and it can be used to carry two children at one time safely. The soft structured carrier is ideal for any baby that can support his/her own head. It can be worn on the front or the back.

Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Carrier

There are tons of great products for babies and a lot claim to be the best. After much trial and error, the absolute baby item you can never live without is a baby carrier or sometimes called a baby sling. This wonderful invention will save you from hours of carrying your little one. All mothers and fathers love to hold and carry their babies, but sometimes you need to get other things done. This can be difficult if you have a baby that requires holding the majority of the time. Baby carriers are a life saver for moms and dads.

Basics of a Baby Carrier

Basically, a baby carrier allows you to hold your baby hands free. It is similar to a backpack but turned around. Carriers strap your baby close to your chest while supporting the head and body with comfy material. Carriers come in different styles, the most common being the backpack style which keeps the baby’s head upright and against your chest. With this backpack style a baby can face inward or outward once the head can support itself. There is also a sling type carrier which allows the baby to lay across the front of your body.

When Out and About

Strollers can be very convenient when out in public, but sometimes it can be tiring pushing the stroller and maneuvering through crowded areas. With a carrier, all you have to do is have your baby safely against your chest and now you just maneuver yourself. This is great for shopping, hiking, amusement parks, zoos and any other crowd situation or when you need to use your hands. There are also benefits for the baby. Sometimes in strollers your baby can get fussy and want attention. With a carrier, your baby tends to be more calm and comfortable by being so close to you.

Around the House

There are a lot of responsibilities around the home and they can’t go on hold just because you have a baby. Baby carriers can be a life saver. Maybe you need to vacuum or clean floors, use the carrier to talk and sing to your little one while cleaning. Babies want constant attention so strap on the carrier to do laundry, check the mail, clean rooms or even go outside and check on plants or flowers.

A baby carrier is definitely a product moms and dads can’t live without. Your lives are busy and a carrier makes that less stressful and difficult.


Tips for Buying Baby Swings

Parents, especially new parents, often find it difficult to soothe their babies when they are sleepy or just bored. You might have experienced these times yourself. If you have, you know how much it can hurt when your baby is crying and you can’t find a way to make your child feel better. Perhaps it is simply because your child is frustrated or is cranky because he or she is sleepy. Perhaps it is something more serious and your child just isn’t able to tell you what is going on. Regardless of the reason that your child is crying, it is something that rips out your very soul to see your child cry and not be able to help. All you want to do is make them feel better and in any way possible. Using a baby swing may be the very thing that helps them feel better and stop crying. This in turn allows you to feel better.

Baby Swings Are a Must For Parents

Having a baby swing is much more than a luxury if you have kids. Instead and it is more like a necessity. The motion that is created when your baby is inside the swing allows the child feel comforted and also keeps them entertained. The gentle motion of the swing helps them go to sleep if they are cranky and entertains them while you must do other things. In addition, you know that as long as your child is strapped into the baby swing that he or she is safe from harm, allowing you to get chores done around the house or make an important phone call without having to worry every second about the safety of your child.

Happy Babies Make Happy Parents

When your baby is happy, you are happy too. By the same token, it is impossible to be happy when your child is crying and you don’t know why. Therefore, creating that special environment that allows your child to be happy and participate in something that he or she looks forward to is essential to keeping the entire household happy. In addition to not having to wonder why your child is crying or attempt to comfort them when they are upset, the entire household has the opportunity to relax a little bit and get things accomplished when the baby is happy.

Create Special Bonding Time

Choosing the right baby swing also allows you to create special bonding time with your child. Your baby likely loves to swing and by spending time with your child while he or she is in the baby swing, you can create that special bonding time that is so important between your baby and yourself or between your child and other members of your household. This not only creates a special bond, but also creates special memories that will last for a lifetime.


In conclusion, a baby swing is a must for anyone who has a baby in the house. Whether it is your first child or you already have a household full of children, a baby swing is equally important for each and every child to be comforted and happy. Moreover, the special memories that you will create can never be replaced.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Waterproof Mattress Protector for Your Baby

Waterproof Mattress Protector There is no doubt about the fact that a good night’s sleep can have a great effect on the performance and mood of an individual during their day, whether it be for work, completing chores, studying, or whatever the case may be. Rest is a vital necessity of living life to the greatest potentials of good health and happiness. However, such a necessity of life can be greatly disturbed if the proper foundations are provided and laid out for the individual. One of the greatest foundations of having the ability of getting enough sleep on a nightly basis is a good quality and well constructed mattress. Without sufficient padding and comfort, one may find themselves in a rut of sleepless nights, which can have a great amount of detrimental effects on the person(s).

The Luna Premium Hypoallergenic mattress is one of the best options for a perfect night’s sleep. It is 100% waterproof and offers the individual(s) with a plethora of benefits. One of the greatest benefits from sleeping on this mattress is that the individual(s) will not need to worry about having allergy problems. The hypoallergenic material of the mattress deters allergens from sticking onto it, such as: dust mites, bacterial particles, perspiration, and fluids. The mattress’s “Luna Airflow Technology” does a great job of keeping the individual(s) well supplied of oxygen through its air circulation flow. Therefore, the common breathing problems that are associated with sleeping on one’s face will not be an issue.

The Saferest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress protector is another great option for enabling oneself to acquire many good nights’ of sleep. The Saferest Premium Mattress is a great option for families with children that may have breathing problems due to asthma or eczema. Both of which are health conditions that are triggered into further agitation by allergens and dust mites.

The Sleep Tite by Malouf Hypoallergenic is a waterproof mattress protector that repels 100% of fluids. It is another great option for anyone that may have trouble sleeping due to breathing and skin problems. It is absolutely free of PVC materials, vinyl, and Phthalates.

Whether an individual knows it or not, the temperature in the room can greatly effect the quality of one’s sleep. Becoming too hot during one’s sleep may keep the individual interrupted all throughout the night. The LinenSpa Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector is another great option available for those that needs comfort in their sleeping patterns. It is 100% waterproof, and keeps the sleeping individual(s) cool and dry.

The biggest issues with many mattresses is that the materials will often cause a type of friction that creates heat and perspiration. Perspiring during sleep can cause all types of bacteria and rashes that may not necessarily be so easy to overcome. These mattress protector are all viable options that have been tested and proven as being beneficial for anyone that chooses to utilize them.

List of Baby Stuff You Should Use For Your Baby

Baby StuffBaby stuff includes a range of baby products which you must have in order to keep your baby comfortable all the time. These products may range from baby clothing, baby oil, baby soap among other products depending on the age of the child and other factors. Baby gear may have the following range of products:-

Baby Balm and Baby Oil

Baby balm; is a natural skin care product which contains no chemicals, GMOs and synthetics for the delicate skin of your baby. It is rich in chamomile and virgin olive oil among other natural components which makes it the best in soothing and calming the skin of your baby. Baby balm is also beneficial in the protection of your baby’s skin. Baby oil; this is also an organic and 100% natural oil with an attractive fragrance for the baby’s sensitive skin. The oil is formulated in such a manner that it moisturizes the young sensitive skin. The oil has the best fragrance which is desirable thus keeping the bay fresh throughout.

Baby Toys

The little ones can be given what they need in form of safe baby toys. Depending on the age of the baby, different color toys can be suitable for your kid. For those below the age of three months, highly concentrated color toys (red, white, black) are the best for them whereas the older ones, toys of different colors, texture sounds and interesting music are best for them. These toys may include any of the following: gyms and playmats, building blocks, dolls, musical toys, pull and push toys, rattles, soft toys, baby shapes among others.

Diaper Bags

Baby stuff may be tiresome and hard to carry sometimes. This is because baby gear may involve a lot of baby products such as diapers which if traveling it may be difficulty to carry them. Baby diaper offers the best solution for your baby as it will conveniently carry diapers enough for the whole journey with ease. There are different categories of diaper bags which may include: convertible diaper bags, daddy bags, designer bags, shoulder diaper bags and stroller bags among others. The choice of these bags may vary depending on preference and other factors such as the age of your baby.

High Chair

Eating is the most important time for your baby. For dinner or when feeding your baby, high chairs are the best as they help the baby eat with a lot of ease. Most high chairs come with a transition option which enables you to use one chair for the different ages of your baby without purchasing another high chair.

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Best Baby Walkers – Help Baby Make Safe First Steps …

Best Baby WalkerWhen searching for the right walker for your children to play with, there are other factors to consider beyond just how fun they may get out of it. It is also important to get a walker that is safe and durable enough to survive a kid’s activity.

Some walkers stand out from the rest of the crowd due to their features and quality and some are just plain more appealing to children. If you are looking for a great walker that will meet you and your child’s expectations, there are some excellent options to choose from.

The Haba Walker Wagon is easy to use and has a seat and extra space that children can use to haul toys and dolls with. It also has brakes that can be adjusted to suit each individual child’s needs and is designed in a classic wooden toy look that is good-looking.

With the Hape Wonder Walker is a colorful walker with built-in toys and it can be used by children as young as 12 months. This walker features big wooden wheels and handlebars that allows children to push it easily on their own and can hold other toys in the front of the walker.

The Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center is a stand-up walker for children to walk around in and has Mp3 connection so they can listen to tunes while on the move. This walker is made with soft nylon material and has toys connected to the tray for activities and walking at the same time.

The Hape Galloping Zebra Cart is a sturdy walker that has two wooden zebras on the front of it and it designed to help balance and strength. This walker is great for kids who are learning to walk better and are on the go. Quality and the improvement of skills are a big part of this walker’s appeal.

With the Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Activity Walker, Surfin Safari you get a stand-up walker that has toys on the tray, lights and sounds. This walker can be adjusted to the right height for your child and moves well on floors and carpets.

Everyone has their own preferences and things they look for in a walker and there are several good products that can give parents what they specifically want. It is best to find a walker that you and your child will be satisfied with and enjoy. The right walker can give your kid something to use and learn with for years to come.

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