6 Best Crib Soother – Help Your Baby Settle and Snooze

Use the Peek-a-Boo-Soother=Waterfall to assist in putting your baby to sleep, faster and easier. From this soother choose up to three sounds: rainforest, lullabies or classical music. The “Toucan” emblem is the touch button for soothing sounds that calm your baby, soothing your baby to sleep with the sound of the rainforest.

Laura the Lamb is a delightful slumber friend to keep baby happy. Adjust the lamb with three sound levels while a delightful light show dances along the wall. The soft light helps to soothe a child while they listen to classic favorites: Hush Little Baby, Heart Beats, Brahms’ Lullaby, Babbling Brooks and Frolic Rhodes. This is an adorable addition for the baby’s room and a great keepsake.

The shooting Star Glow baby soother is operated by a large button baby can push. Five different songs are available and a fun light display. The fun elephant, tiger, and monkey designs brighten up the room in a soothing starry display. Place this softly glowing soother in the room with your baby and notice how quickly they calm into sleep.

Turn the “Glow Giraffe” on set the volume and watch the soft light show. This plush soother is lightweight and cuddly. Play up to eight tunes for 15 minutes. Baby with a light squeeze operates this giraffe. If there are older, kids in the house the soother may find its way to their room for a relaxing sleep time.

The Fisher Price Tote n’ Glow Soother Elephant is a cute, comforting companion that will calm your baby on the go or at home! This toy has three modes – music and lights, lights only, and music only – that provide the optimum sense of security for your little one. Unfortunately, the Soother Elephant has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available for purchase.

The soft elephant is made of polyester material and creates a wonderful way for baby to fall asleep. The “SwaddleMe-Slumber-Buddies-Soother-Elephant operates with three AA batteries lasting up to 20 hours. It weighs three pounds and is washable. The color button changes into four different hues, orange, green, red, and blue, the unit has five songs and nature sounds. Three sound settings give parents volume control and the fun sky display will soothe and entertain a busy baby.

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