Things to Do When Your Kids Say “I’m Bored!”

Boredom and children do not go well together. A bored kid is going to cause trouble, by fighting with siblings or making a mess or just constantly telling you how bored they are! Unless you love chaos, it’s a good idea to have a list of boredom-busting activities ready to go. This list of boredom crushers will keep kids busy and happy.

BoredLet Kids Plan a Party

It doesn’t matter if it is a regular holiday like a birthday. Parties are always awesome and kids love them. Suggest the idea of having a party and see what ideas the kids come up with. Maybe a surprise party for when dad gets home from work or a party for the dog or something silly like a party to celebrate the best Tuesday of the year or declare it to be opposite day or upside-down day or inside-out day! Let them make decorations and plan a simple menu.


Kids LOVE cutting paper and using glue. Let them make a book, maybe a book of facts and favorites about each member in the family. Let the kids go wild and cut things out from old magazines, then add pictures and mementos. Have them write and draw. They’ll have fun and be proud of what they create.

Music Time

Maybe even more than cutting and gluing stuff, kids love to make noise. Let them! Start a family band or a neighborhood kid band. Real instruments are cool if they can play, but you can also make instruments up! The classic pots and pans for drums, various shakers, rubber band guitars, blowing into glass jugs, dinging glass jars, and of course plenty of vocals. It will be loud, but at least it will be controlled cacophony.

Explore Nature

The ideas here are endless. Have them collect flowers or leaves or sticks or rocks. If they get really into it, you can have them continue and start a collection of rocks or pressed flowers. Have them try to catch butterflies. Let them be bug explorers and follow bugs around. Set up a nature scavenger hunt where they have to find things in the yard. Lay in the grass with them and look at clouds, talking about the shapes you see. This can be made into a learning experience by looking up info about the things they see in nature, or you can just let them explore.

Deciding if You Should Buy a Baby Walker

baby-walkerA baby walker can be utilized to keep your baby entertained while allowing them to develop critical coordination skills and muscles. However, it is important to note that it may not play a significant role in developing the specific muscles to walk on their own. When a parent sets out to buy a baby walker, it is recommended for them to choose one that is specifically designed to keep their baby safe from any form of harm. Most of today’s manufactured baby walkers are engineered and designed to keep babies safe. You want your baby to grow to be healthy and strong, right? Their strength and development begins as soon as they set their feet on the ground! Choose wisely!

Safety Features

A parent should choose a baby walker that is properly designed with certain safety features. Many of the baby walker models of older generations weren’t designed to fully guarantee safety of use. How can baby walker manufacturers be so careless when it comes to our children? The unfortunate fact is there are many manufacturers whose interest lie in their ability of profiting and not necessarily going the extra mile to provide their customers with the greatest elements of safety. One should buy one that has a wide base that allows the baby to fully move their feet around without tripping or twisting the ankles. Also, a wide base prevents the baby from entering dangerous areas or fitting through doorways to rooms they shouldn’t be in. A baby walker that is equipped with features and mechanisms that promote safety should be chosen. Currently, there are a multitude of baby walkers with different features that have quite a sufficient amount of safety features embedded into them. Some of these features are wheel lifts, locking wheels, rubber grips or friction strips that are engineered to sense when the baby navigates their walker on an uneven surface. Yes, the innovative technicians have hit the baby industries as well.

Additional Stimulation For The Baby

Some baby walkers have toy attachments and/or trays that allows the baby to play while they are in their walker. No need to buy a happy meal any more! Just go straight to the meal items. Investing in some of today’s baby walkers is certainly worth it. Prior to buying a baby walker, the parent should examine the entirety of the device to ensure that there are no small detachable parts that the baby may eventually take off and potentially stick in their mouth.

Reading Product Reviews Is Essential For The Buying Process

Just like any other buying process, the parent should have an understanding on the device they are about to buy. Reading up on the baby walker’s reviews will help the parent determine what the best baby walker option would be best for them. The consumer feedback reviews will give the parents a good insight into whether or not they should invest in it or not. Performing an internet search for baby walker reviews will greatly expedite the process of searching and buying. You certainly do not want to buy a baby walker that keeps your baby stagnated in one place. They need to learn how to move around in their own home before leaving the nest to make an impact in this world! Just remember, we were all babies once. Maybe you could have been a super athlete had you been given the right baby walker in your early stages of life. Let’s not take that possible opportunity away from our youngsters!

Best Practice Tips for Baby Wearing

baby carrierThere are some caregiving practices that are considered to be old fashioned and outdated. They are thought to be too time consuming for the modern age. Like practices such as breastfeeding or using cloth diapers. Who has time for that when there are modern conveniences which eliminates the need for such old fashioned ideas. Well, babywearing might also fit into that category.

Babywearing is the practice of using a carrier to attach the baby to the caregiver’s body. The four main types of carriers that are used by parents and caregivers are the sling, wrap, soft structured carrier, and the hard structured carrier. Though they each have their own individual benefits. Carriers, in general, benefit both caregiver and baby alike.

Traditionally carriers were used to transport the baby if the mother had to travel or go to work. In those days she did not have the modern conveniences like water, a refrigerator or even a stove inside of her house. She had to travel outside of her dwelling place if she wanted to eat or provide for her family. So many women took to babywearing to accomplish their daily tasks with peace of mind. In this modern era, parents have in-home conveniences but they still have tasks to do around the house. When using a carrier the parent still has free hands to do many daily tasks.

Premature and newborn infant’s bodies lack the ability to insulate them from the temperature outside of the womb. It is scientifically proven that these babies fair better when they have body to body contact with their caregiver. The warmth and body rhythms of the caregiver soothes the baby and stimulates the development process. The most popular carriers used to promote such bonding are the sling, wrap, and the soft structured carrier. Many women who breastfeed their baby prefer the sling because it allows for privacy during breastfeeding without much maneuvering.

The wrap is the favorite carrier of many women who have feed and changed their babies and have errands to run. It looks intimidating because there are yards of fabric to wrangle with, but once the technique is learned it literally takes less than five minutes to wrap and load the baby safely and securely. The wrap accommodates children from infants to toddlers and it can be used to carry two children at one time safely. The soft structured carrier is ideal for any baby that can support his/her own head. It can be worn on the front or the back.

Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Carrier

There are tons of great products for babies and a lot claim to be the best. After much trial and error, the absolute baby item you can never live without is a baby carrier or sometimes called a baby sling. This wonderful invention will save you from hours of carrying your little one. All mothers and fathers love to hold and carry their babies, but sometimes you need to get other things done. This can be difficult if you have a baby that requires holding the majority of the time. Baby carriers are a life saver for moms and dads.

Basics of a Baby Carrier

Basically, a baby carrier allows you to hold your baby hands free. It is similar to a backpack but turned around. Carriers strap your baby close to your chest while supporting the head and body with comfy material. Carriers come in different styles, the most common being the backpack style which keeps the baby’s head upright and against your chest. With this backpack style a baby can face inward or outward once the head can support itself. There is also a sling type carrier which allows the baby to lay across the front of your body.

When Out and About

Strollers can be very convenient when out in public, but sometimes it can be tiring pushing the stroller and maneuvering through crowded areas. With a carrier, all you have to do is have your baby safely against your chest and now you just maneuver yourself. This is great for shopping, hiking, amusement parks, zoos and any other crowd situation or when you need to use your hands. There are also benefits for the baby. Sometimes in strollers your baby can get fussy and want attention. With a carrier, your baby tends to be more calm and comfortable by being so close to you.

Around the House

There are a lot of responsibilities around the home and they can’t go on hold just because you have a baby. Baby carriers can be a life saver. Maybe you need to vacuum or clean floors, use the carrier to talk and sing to your little one while cleaning. Babies want constant attention so strap on the carrier to do laundry, check the mail, clean rooms or even go outside and check on plants or flowers.

A baby carrier is definitely a product moms and dads can’t live without. Your lives are busy and a carrier makes that less stressful and difficult.


Why You Need A Baby Sleeper

Baby SleeperIf you are expecting a baby, it’s a good idea to start thinking of the accessories you need to buy in order to make it easier to raise them. One of the things you should consider getting is a baby sleeper. Most people think that this sort of furniture is not essential in helping raise a baby, but the fact of the matter is that it can be very helpful. Some of the reasons why you should get a sleeper for your baby include:

It’s portable

There are times when you may need to travel with your child. In such cases, providing them with a safe and comfortable place to sleep while in transit and when you are in the new destination is important. Most sleepers are designed in such a manner that they can facilitate this. You can even buy collapsible ones made specifically for travel, so that you never have to deal with a cranky baby who has not gotten much sleep.

It’s comfortable for your baby

Baby RockerThe best baby sleeper quality is that it makes it more comfortable for your baby to sleep. This is very important since babies, especially young ones, need quality sleep in order for them to grow and develop. Providing a safe and comfortable place for them to do so is important. Most of the companies that make baby sleepers design them using materials that are comfortable and which are well aerated in order to facilitate this. Buying these kinds of sleepers is always good value for money.

It keeps the baby safe

Sleepers are normally designed with four walls to contain the baby. This means that even if they roll around, the chances of them suffering from accidents such as falling out of bed is minimal. As babies grow older, they are more likely to move about when sleeping, and this is why it’s important for you to get sleeping accessories that minimize this.

As you can see, there are many benefits of getting a baby sleeper for your baby. In order for you to gain from all the above, you should always insist on buying products that have been made with very high build quality in mind. It’s also important to shop from a store that has enough variety so that it’s easy for you to find a product that fits your needs perfectly. When all is said and done, this is probably one of the best baby accessories you will get for your baby.

Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Baby Bicycle Seats

Let’s NOT disagree on this one fact: Babies’ and young children’s lives matter, and to say the least, they are an absolutely priority. That’s not up for dispute. Their safety comes first. Wouldn’t you agree, then, that with safety must come quality comfort and convenience? After all, one can never be too safe or too prepared in this life; therefore, it’s important to have a good bicycle seat for your young one whenever he or she rides, and we know just the products.

For all infants one year and older, as well as those weighing 40 lbs. or less, the Schwinn child carrier product is more than ideal! It is the only one among these 10 to come with its own bonus seat spring guard as well as an added spoke guard to ensure more proper placement and retention throughout even the bumpiest rides. As if that weren’t enough to make you buy it this instant with cash in hand and strict demand – You see how that rhymed? Silly me – it also comes with a quick-release harness and restraints.

Wee Ride’s one-of-a-kind LTD Kangaroo Child Bike Seat is more than a bike seat and more than a portable friend. It’s an investment into your child’s fun and safety altogether. Everything’s about SAFETY with this one, and that’s what I LOVE!!!! Safety harness, safety checks with instructions, safety rear extension and safety labels all over the product and its box, you can’t say you’re not advised to properly install and maintain this one, which is a breeze to do anyway.

There’s no other quite like Bobike’s Mini Front Child Seat, and that’s putting it lightly; in fact, it’s a gross understatement. This unique piece you will not find in too many other places: Believe me, others have tried and failed, including myself. No other protective child bike seat is designed to look or feel the same way: Just look at it.

Made solely in the USA, this proud item even comes with its own Safety Standard Certificate and ensures you that both your time and money are put to good use. Made from the best quality and grade, this special product both protects and delivers. You won’t be disappointed in the seat comfort either, nor will your baby or small child. To add to the safety, I love how it comes with a YouTube instructional video.

This one’s called the Topeak Baby Seat II with Disc Rack, but the name alone does not do it enough justice…no, for it’s a whole lot more than that! In fact, the wrap-around safety design alone will keep any pessimist’s mouth shut! That integrated roll bar offers your little one its extra level of protection. So does the upgraded six-point harness for comfort.

It’s called an easy-fit for a good reason. No, seriously, the Yepp GMG Maxi Easy Fit offers a quick and easy mount onto your bike, and dismounting could not be simpler either – pizzazz! Before you know it, you’ll have that highly-adjustable seat onto your bike and be off in no time at all; don’t forget that child!

This child seat mounts at the very front and is distributed by none other than the Peg Perego brand!!! How awesome is that?! Each version comes in dual coloring with four options to choose from: Grey with red, blue with red, grey with aqua blue or grey with lime green. That’s not bad at all.

The Schwinn and Giro Scamp products bear the closest resemblance to these top 7 picks, yet they do not level up in product quality or availability of multiple features that combine into one solid package as all of these last 10 tend to do, every single time. Therefore, we recommend this list of the best babies’ and children’s bike seats. Take our word for it while you can, and check out the products for yourselves in full detail by clicking the links above. After all, what have you got to lose? The answer is: Nothing.

10 Best Ways to Feed Your Baby

For a parent, there is nothing more gratifying than to see their child eat a variety of healthy foods. Most parents are proud or despair about their child’s eating habits. Parents do everything in their power to make the food more likable to their kids starting very young as a baby because eating healthy is something the kids learn early on. It doesn’t mean all kids love eating delicious healthy foods. Some kids turn out to be good eaters from early on, which is a blessing for the parent while some parents have a hard time getting their kids to eat healthy foods like Broccoli and Salmon. Kids food preferences based on taste starts early as a baby says Alan Greene, M.D., author of Feeding Baby Green.

Parents have ability to teach their kids to recognize and enjoy healthy foods so that they will not grow up to be picky eaters. Here are 10 tips that will help your child enjoy healthy foods as early as a baby.

1. Don’t give up on trying new foods: Most moms give up trying to reintroduce the new food that baby does seem to like after a few tries. Research showed that parents who kept trying to feed the same food over and over for more 10 tries even when the baby seems to not like it have shown positive results where baby ended up liking it eventually by developing a taste for the food that the baby hated initially. You can make any food that your kid doesn’t like to eat and change the way you serve them. You can mix up with the likable foods or disguise them into a muffin or any other puree your child likes.

2.Choose the best time to feed your baby first bites: The best time to feed your baby solids is first thing soon after a restful nap or in the morning after the baby is up after a good night’s sleep and eager to start the day. Feed the baby when he is really hungry by starting with foods like banana, Avacados, some veggies or meat. Initially your baby might only take only a few bites but eventually eat more as the baby gets used to the taste of the food.

3. Add spice to the foods: There is no rule saying that you need to feed your child only bland foods. After initial bland food diet it is alright to introduce foods with a pinch of spices and herbs like sage, cinnamon, mint and ginger. Your child might even enjoy the taste and heat of the spices in the food.

4.Introduce more variety of foods: As the baby is getting used to the taste, it is important to introduce a variety of new foods and also mix the new foods with the familiar foods. For example, if your baby loves banana, add another fruit to it and feed the baby another new fruit along with the familiar one. Keep adding new foods everyday so that the baby will get familiarized with the new taste also.

5. Make your baby spend time in the kitchen when you are cooking: Baby and kids develop familiarity with the foods smells and eventually tastes when they spend time in the kitchen. As kids grow, they help in kitchen with mixing flour, washing lettuce, and mixing sauces.

6. Eating together: It is important to teach kids early on the importance of sitting together for a meal. When the child sits and eats with the rest of the family, they start to enjoy eating foods like the rest of the family.

7.Make meals fun: To make your child eat nutritious, healthy foods make the meal look appealing to your child eye by making them look delicious. You can serve foods in bowls that are colorful and also easy for your child to pick and eat it.

8. Make your child connect to the food: Kids recognize the foods early on by teaching the baby the name of the food while eating it or handing it over to her and help her connect with the food by naming the food.

9. Stay relaxed: Relax even when your child doesn’t care to eat healthy foods as some kids do. Always put right foods and relax so that your child might want to try healthy foods at some point.

10. Be a role model: Encourage your child to make choices that are healthy in eating by eating healthy yourself. Parents are role models for their kids. Encourage your child to eat healthy by giving her more options of foods that are healthy so that if she doesn’t like to eat one she always can pick another healthy choice of foods.

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6 Best Crib Soother – Help Your Baby Settle and Snooze

Use the Peek-a-Boo-Soother=Waterfall to assist in putting your baby to sleep, faster and easier. From this soother choose up to three sounds: rainforest, lullabies or classical music. The “Toucan” emblem is the touch button for soothing sounds that calm your baby, soothing your baby to sleep with the sound of the rainforest.

Laura the Lamb is a delightful slumber friend to keep baby happy. Adjust the lamb with three sound levels while a delightful light show dances along the wall. The soft light helps to soothe a child while they listen to classic favorites: Hush Little Baby, Heart Beats, Brahms’ Lullaby, Babbling Brooks and Frolic Rhodes. This is an adorable addition for the baby’s room and a great keepsake.

The shooting Star Glow baby soother is operated by a large button baby can push. Five different songs are available and a fun light display. The fun elephant, tiger, and monkey designs brighten up the room in a soothing starry display. Place this softly glowing soother in the room with your baby and notice how quickly they calm into sleep.

Turn the “Glow Giraffe” on set the volume and watch the soft light show. This plush soother is lightweight and cuddly. Play up to eight tunes for 15 minutes. Baby with a light squeeze operates this giraffe. If there are older, kids in the house the soother may find its way to their room for a relaxing sleep time.

The Fisher Price Tote n’ Glow Soother Elephant is a cute, comforting companion that will calm your baby on the go or at home! This toy has three modes – music and lights, lights only, and music only – that provide the optimum sense of security for your little one. Unfortunately, the Soother Elephant has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available for purchase.

The soft elephant is made of polyester material and creates a wonderful way for baby to fall asleep. The “SwaddleMe-Slumber-Buddies-Soother-Elephant operates with three AA batteries lasting up to 20 hours. It weighs three pounds and is washable. The color button changes into four different hues, orange, green, red, and blue, the unit has five songs and nature sounds. Three sound settings give parents volume control and the fun sky display will soothe and entertain a busy baby.

6 Bed Rails for Kids to Keep Your Baby Safe While Sleeping

Most parents are encountered with the decision to move their child to a bed when the child begins to climb out of their crib. Just as this poses many safety hazards that you, as a parent, are aware of, you generally face hesitancy for similar reasons. The use of a bed rail and bed bumpers gives parents a new peace of mind while ensuring the child is snuggled in safe each and every night.

Whether you are looking for a bed rail for a convertible crib or you want to know the bed rail is secure throughout the night, the ComfyBumby Toddler Bed Rail Guard has listened to you. This bed rail accommodates all sizes of mattresses and bed frames ranging from convertible cribs to king-sized mattresses. Featuring a triple safety installation design you have the option of tightly securing the rail to slates of the bed’s frame, using Velcro strips under the mattress, or securing the rail to wood bases with the use of screws. The bed rail does exceed the highest level of safety standards and carries a BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, and Lead Free design.

When the rough edges of traditional bed rails are a concern, the Baby Home side bed rail is the ideal choice. This device has rounded corners and safety straps to fasten it down so the rail remains stable and upright even when the child moves around during the night. A durable dual hinged design gives you the ability to fold down the rail for cuddle time or when making the bed. Always ensure a cohesive look in your child’s room with the wide range of color options available for the removable and washable covering.

Measuring 43-inches in length, the DexBaby Extra Tall Bed Rail accommodates beds ranging from twin to king size with ease. Its solid steel constructions prevent bending of the rail frame that can pose risks of failure with use. A built-in two-handed release latch allows you to move the rail up or down for easy access to the child or when linen changes are necessary during the night. Come prepared for unintended accidents with a removable and washable nylon mesh cover.

The Stay Put Big Girl and Boy Bed Semicircle Bed Rail Bumper Pad by Pillowflex is ideal for toddlers of all ages. These bedside bumpers work wonders to put your mind at ease if you are worried about pinched fingers or inability for your child to climb in or out of their updated bed. These bed bumper pads fit all size bed mattresses from twin to king. They are especially comforting for both children and parents when sleeping in unfamiliar beds.

For some parents knowing that their child can work the latch mechanisms of the bed rail delivers the comfort and confidence they are seeking. This is just what you will find with the Munchkin Sleep Bed Rail. This bed rail does accommodated mattresses from to queen. The built-in push button mechanism with folding hinges are easy enough for children to work, giving them access to climb in and out of bed without the rail being in their way. A durable aluminum frame offers a lightweight design for easy transporting. The safety straps prevent gaps from occurring between the rail and the mattress for a safer sleeping experience.

Do not miss out on those important nighttime snuggles and cuddles with the Summer Infant Double Safety Bed Rail. This safety device works well with twin to queen size mattresses, as well as platform beds that your child will be using. This bed rail is designed to slide under the mattress, offering double side protection throughout the night. One side does have a double-hinged fold down design, allowing you to sit and cuddle to your heart’s content.

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White Noise Sound Machines for Babies Sleeping

Obtaining good sleep is a lot more important than realized many times. In this busy society, a lot of people are sleep deprived, and that is not good for one’s health. And then others have been using sleeping remedies that aren’t so safe. For example, using sleeping pills is alright if it’s used sporadically. Otherwise, drastic reactions can occur if more sleeping pills are taken.

The following consists of various sleeping machines that are the best in the industry. Using these machines is a natural and sound way of getting more sleep.

Adaptive Sound Technologies

A healthy and steady sleep will definitely be achieved with all the spectacular features of this device. For one, it has over 10 natural sounds from natural environments to a nonrepeating unique white noise and fan sounds. You can also set this device to power off once you drift off to sleep. Additionally, it consists of innovative, patented technology that’s volume adjustable to ambient noise levels of the environment.

LectroFan – White Noise Machine

The great aspects of the device is the fact that it masks disruptive noises, it helps your baby sleep, it’s portable and compact, and it comes with spectacular features. It is equipped with 10 fan sounds, 10 white noise choices, a variety of sleep setting recommendations, and a sleep timer. The recommended sleep settings goes according to each situation.

Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner

Better rest and sleep is promoted due to this item’s capability of masking unwanted noise and creating acoustic privacy. It’s also great for travel because it is lightweight and compact. It also is shipped in packaging that is certified frustration-free.

Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine

The amazing sleeping device is known as the official National Sleep Foundation’s sound conditioner. It has two speeds, including an asymmetrical fan and a dual speed motor. It even has a limited, three year factory warranty.

Adaptive Sound Technologies – Sleep Therapy System

Great quality sleep is received with this item. Your mind will be relaxed with the 10+ natural sounds. It also has a sleep timer that will power off once you drift off to sleep. Additionally, it possesses innovative, patented technology in which the volume is adjusted automatically according to the environment’s ambient noise levels.


Sleep deprivation is not good for no one. And it will behoove anyone to get the best, natural sound/sleep machines as mentioned above. And furthermore, a few of them have proven to be the crème of crop due to them having more valuable features to offer.

Freezer Storage Tray Reviews – Best Containers for Homemade Baby Food

Nuk Homemade Baby Food Flexible Freezer Tray and Lid Set


This flexible freezer tray will allow you to quickly and easily freeze and store your perfectly portioned homemade food, which is extremely essential for your baby’s development. You can use this tray to store 9 (1-ounce) portions of baby food, while being dishwater-safe, freezer-safe as well as BPA free.

Baby Food Storage Container with Secure Lid


These baby food storage containers come with 2oz squeezable pods that are sufficiently flexible to allow you to easily pop out your baby food without breaking them. Their use is not limited to baby food storage container; you can also use them to store smoothies, frozen yoghurt and ice pops among others.

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Why Babies Should Never Sleep Alone: Crib Sleeping vs Co-Sleeping

Crib Sleeping When it comes to crib sleeping vs co-sleeping, the argument for and against both methods can be compelling. In recent years within the United States, the medical industry’s collective opinion has generally been in favor of crib sleeping. However, things were not always this way, and many of the changes in public opinion are very new. This huge shift towards crib-sleeping has brought about drastic changes in the way sleeping areas are organized within American households and has also led to conflict between advocates on both sides.


Throughout human history, the most common way for infants to sleep has been in the bed with their mothers. In fact, until recently, it was common for whole families in rural areas to share a bed. It was not until after the Industrial Revolution starting in the 18th century that babies began getting separate beds in European and American cultures. It has since grown into a much more common practice.


Anthropologist John Whiting is famous for his studies into the bedtime habits of infants from all over the world, and he found that well over half of the world’s children sleep with one or both parents. However, studies in the United States have shown links between infant co-sleeping and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Nearly a quarter of SIDS deaths occur in households where co-sleeping is the rule, and a 2013 study showed that as much as 90 percent of SIDS deaths that involved the practice might have been prevented just by crib sleeping.

Alternative Perspectives

Within the United States and outside of it, many cultures would see crib sleeping as odd. In developing areas such as with the Hadza hunter-gatherers of Tanzania, having a baby sleep in a crib away from their mother is seen as almost abusive. Easy access to food and warmth that a mother gives is generally considered more important than risk it carries. In many cultures, lack of separate living quarters for different family members also makes co-sleeping more convenient.

Doctors and medical professionals are consistent in their advice against letting an infant to sleep in their parents’ bed. Advocates of co-sleeping, on the other hand, are quick to minimize the importance of statistical data as correlation rather than causation. Due to the strong beliefs held by both groups, no clear consensus has been formed on the argument in support of one or the other in crib sleeping vs co-sleeping.

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Choosing the Best Life Jackets for Kids

Allowing your infant to have experience in water can provide positive, long-term results. Many parents are too afraid to even let their little infant touch a body of water beyond the bathtub. If you are one of these parents, you can put these fears to rest. There are multiple different types of life jackets made specially for infants and small children. These life jackets allow infants and toddlers to stay safe, comfortable, and afloat.

1The Stohlquist Nemo Child Life Jacket is capable of allowing your small child float on their backs. This is done with the special wrap-around flotation built into the life jacket. For extra security, this life jacket also has an adjustable crotch strap. This can help ensure that the life jacket does not slip off while in water.

2The Stearns Giraffe Puddle Jumper Life Jacket can fit small children between 30 and 50 pounds. This is great for young children because it can encourage them to learn to swim early. This life jacket is also secure enough not to encase the child’s neck while in water. That way, the child can swim freely, comfortably, and happily.

3The O’Neill USCG Nylon Infant Life Vest provides your infant with a soft, comfortable feel. Your infant would gladly accept wearing this comfortable vest rather than fight it. The coated nylon shell helps protect the exterior of the vest from any wears and tears.

4The Stohlquist Nemo Infant Life Jacket is a lot like the Stohlquist Nemo Child Life Jacket except this life jacket is for infants. This little personal flotation device has a quick release button over the entry zipper to help give that extra security. Also like the child life jacket, this infant life jacket has a crotch strap to add on even more security for your infant.

5The Kids Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket from Stearns is made with durable nylon for that outer strength and protection. It also allows a great range of motion that gives the child an ample amount of freedom when moving around or swimming. This life jacket is approved by the USCG, meaning professionals also trust this brand.

All of these infant and toddler vests can prove to be very safe choices for your child. Please be mindful, though, that your children must still be properly supervised when in the water. Other than that, these life jackets would be sure to provide a fun and learning experience for both you and your child.